Consumer Confidence

DRI’s Consumer Confidence Survey, which is based on a representative sample of at least 1,700 Indonesian households across six different main areas, is conducted by Danareksa Research Institute and reported every month. This survey is based on face-to-face interviewing. The sample for this national survey is scientifically selected to accurately represent Indonesian consumer characteristics, demographically and economically.

Consumer confidence is designed to measure the mood of consumers towards buying, and thus help to predict buying patterns. Although other economic indicators are also predictors of buying patterns, consumer confidence tends to be available sooner than these indicators. Consumer confidence is also designed to capture the effect of events that may affect buying patterns, but are not immediately reflected in other economic indicators. The CCI is also one of the components in the leading indicator index DRI is establishing as a guide to predicting where the Indonesia economy is heading.

In the consumer confidence survey, respondents can answer seven questions. For each question, respondents can answer pessimistically or optimistically. For example, a respondent can say that s/he is pessimistic or optimistic towards the present economic condition. The minimum value if these indexes is “0”, and that is when all respondents give pessimistic response on all seven questions. The maximum value if these indexes is “200”, and that is when all respondents give optimistic response on all seven questions. “100” is the middle value. If the index is below “100”, it can be inferred that negative (pessimistic) response outnumbers the positive (optimistic) response. The usefulness of the index is in comparing changes over time rather than looking at an isolated month.

Consumer Confidence Index

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